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When you want to add drama to a mere 'shut up!' say it like this. If the recipient of this jewel of a phrase has humour-sense, then he or she will roll on the floor and loff. And maybe commission you to write the next comedy pitcher for Yash-Raj Films.

If they dont, then rest assured that they'll never darken your doorstep again & you're rid of them for life.

Win-win situation.


Vik: Youhaventbeenwritingandimsickofyou! *catching breath* iwillNOTsendyouthesamosapediamerchandisewhenitcomesoutintwentyfiveyearsandihateyou!!!!
Me: Eh. Sheddup your mouth and put it in your pocket.
Vik: *rolling on the floor laughing*
Me: *rolling eyes upwards till they go to the back of my head*
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