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PPT(Powerpoint presentation) is India's favourite software application for presentations and reports.

Such is its popularity that PPT is almost synonymous for a tangible document.

Given it is a useful tool to display and disguise the result of an experiment, investigation, or inquiry,PPT is extensively used across offices, B-schools,colleges and even high schools.In fact,a legitimate need for an MBA is to make fancy PPTs.

Complex formats offered on Powerpoint such as SmartArt ,WordArt,charts, tables are widely used for persuasive purposes.Additional elements such as background graphics and unpronounceable Font names are overused for decorative purposes.(e.g Estrangelo Edessa).


Client: You are yet to deliver a PPT on the Indian telecom study
Agency: We did share the findings last week.
Client: It is on Word.You really think i have time to read all that? Do you know how busy I am? I need a PPT!

Teacher: I'm giving you 5/10 on your Marketing presentation.
B-school student: Why?? It will screw my grades.And I thought you liked my presentation.
Teacher:I liked the point you were making,what I did not like was the background template and font spacing.Such a PPT will never work in the corporate world!

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