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The slang name of Villivakkam, a fisherfolk village in Chennai where many (some say most) of the women and many of the men have sold one of their kidneys. The money is most often used to pay off their husbands debts or to pay for their husbands drinking habits.

Villivakkam, or "Kidney Vakkam," as it has been known for decades, is Chennai's most important location for the lucrative organ trade. Hundreds of its residents have had their kidneys removed over the years, the long scar along one side of the waistline a permanent reminder of that sale.
Today, illegal kidney rings can be found across India, where 100,000 to 150,000 people suffer from renal failure every year and only 4,000 authorized transplants take place. Targeting inner-city slums and rural areas, middlemen and brokers seek out willing "donors," offering India's poor a quick way to escape financial debt or to bankroll a costly wedding for an eligible daughter.


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