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Noun. May 8, 2013, Word of the Day


Word used to describe Mr. Narendra Modi for his penchant for braggadocio regarding his achievements. Derived from the Hindi word (Phenku) which literally means: someone who throws. Usually used for someone who is bullshitting.

Made popular as a twitter hashtag and is now used to refer to him and his pronouncements (sometimes even on Television). His supporters known as Sanghis, inspired by him have a similar penchant for even greater levels of braggadocio for e.g. Petrol will be available for Rs. 10 a litre once Feku comes to power.
Feku said that the school drop-out rate is less than 2% (when actually it is closer to 7%)
Feku says that all the Okra eaten in Europe comes from his state.


FICCI meet me Narendra Modi ne itni besharmi se jhooth bola ki uski media bhi use Twitter me Feku naam milne se bacha nahi payi
(Narendra Modi lied so shamelessly at the FICCI meet that even his lapdog media couldn't stop him being christened Feku on Twitter)
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