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Aji sunte ho? The digga sathi savitri's show of resfect to her husband. Wins you major brownie points with the mother-in-law, naiibars, scriptwriters, & other such losers of society. Points added if youre (a) in sep-seprate room from your husband, (b) lean docilely on tip-toe in the direction of the room that holds Him, (c) at-dhi-same-time hold tray with 17 lotas of pilltrr kaapi since youre too bashful to serve the gentillmann guests yourself, &, (d) speak in dulcet tones.

Never mind that you're thinking ththu kathe/ kothi/ bleddy bevarsimaga! at dhi back of yuvar mind. Never you mind.


Fakeeresha: *entertaining gentillmann guests* haahaahaa! Like thatt he said aa? Ohoho!
Sumangali: enoondre? Enoondre?
Fakeeresha: aa, enadu, yenbeku?
Sumangali: thinking *ththu kathe! Kothi! Bleddy bevarsi maga!!*
Motherinlaw: kaapi thagolappa!
sumangali: enoondre! Chakli also is there!

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