The definitive guide to South Asian lingo


Waatis Adjective.
wadelse? Phrase.
Wah! Exclamation.
wah wah hai Phrase.
waitees Exclamation.
wai wai Noun.
Wallet Adjective.
WALTO Phrase.
wantedly Adjective.
Wanting Verb.
Wantonly Adjective.
Wapas de! Phrase.
Waqar Younis Phrase.
war picture Phrase.
Waste Body Phrase.
Waste Fellow Adjective.
Watchman Noun.
water tank Noun.
WC Phrase.
Web Vastu Phrase.
weight Noun.
Welcome again Phrase.
well left Phrase.
Well settled Adjective.
well taken Adjective.
wet wet agodu Phrase.
whack Verb.
What All Phrase.
what and all Exclamation.
Whatay Phrase.
what balls! Exclamation.
what bets? Phrase.
whateva! Exclamation.
What for you? Phrase.
What I told? Phrase.
what man?! Exclamation.
What nonsense Phrase.
What's there? Phrase.
whattey!! Phrase.
what to do? Phrase.
Whatya Phrase.
Wheeley Noun.
when only Phrase.
where is it? Exclamation.
whistle podu Phrase.
WhyBecause Phrase.
Why for Phrase.
why not? Phrase.
Wife-house Noun.
wine shop Phrase.
Wingie Noun.
Wingmate Noun.
winters Noun.
with Phrase.
without Noun.
Wodamsaying Phrase.
Wodiyo! Verb.
wog Noun.
wohich Exclamation.
Wokay Exclamation.
Wol Noun.
wolden Phrase.
Wolleyball Noun.
Womaniser Noun.
wondear na? Exclamation.
Wonder Adichu Phrase.
wonly Adjective.
Woosht Adjective.
woost Verb.
Wordings Noun.
Work maadu Verb.
worstu Exclamation.
Wothalakai Adjective.
wotla Adjective.
wottal Exclamation.
would-be Noun.
woyich Exclamation.
Wren & Martin Phrase.
writer Noun.
wrong Verb.
wult Verb.
Wurrssht Adjective.
X Abbreviation.