The definitive guide to South Asian lingo


oatta vaai Adjective.
OB Adjective.
Objection Milaard! Exclamation.
Oblibolly Noun.
oblique Noun.
Obvio Abbreviation.
OC Abbreviation.
odhavakare Noun.
odia Noun.
Odissi Noun.
odiya Noun.
Odomos Noun.
OEP Abbreviation.
Off Adverb.
offed Verb.
Off it Phrase.
off it of Phrase.
Offo! Exclamation.
Oh Fish! Phrase.
Oh ho Phrase.
Oho Exclamation.
OHT Abbreviation.
Oil Bath Noun.
Ok ok Phrase.
ok ok only Exclamation.
OKva? Exclamation.
ok-va Phrase.
old is gold Phrase.
Old Monk Noun.
old spice Noun.
Olu Exclamation.
Om Noun.
omaala Exclamation.
omelet Verb.
ommala Exclamation.
omni Noun.
Once a fucker Phrase.
Once More! Exclamation.
one and all Phrase.
one and half Phrase.
oneandoff Phrase.
one by two Phrase.
One few Phrase.
one finger Phrase.
one four three Abbreviation.
One kind Adjective.
One mad only Phrase.
One one Phrase.
one side love Phrase.
one thara Phrase.
One two Phrase.
Onetype Noun.
one type Phrase.
Onida Noun.
Onion Noun.
only Exclamation.
Only Vimal Phrase.
Onned Verb.
onnimitt Phrase.
onsite Noun.
onthara Adjective.
On the light Phrase.
oodu/ootu Noun.
oofy Noun.
Ooh Ahh ouch Iodex Exclamation.
Oomakusumbi Adjective.
Oombi Exclamation.
oonjal Noun.
OOO Phrase.
oorga Noun.
Oors Noun.
Ooru Noun.
oos Noun.
ooshofy Verb.
oosht Exclamation.
Oota Noun.
Oota Aitha? Phrase.
Ootle Phrase.
Ope Faram Noun.
Openly Noun.
Open Mango C2 Phrase.
Open-minded Phrase.
Oppose Verb.
orai tension Adjective.
orally Adverb.
oranjews Noun.
Order for Phrase.
Or else.... Phrase.
Orkutiya Noun.
orlem Noun.
Orre gas Exclamation.
Orsuthify Verb.
Or what? Exclamation.
Osi Adjective.
otha Exclamation.
Otherwise Noun.
Othlafying Verb.
OTSDDP Abbreviation.
Ottha Exclamation.
oudance Verb.
out and out Phrase.
Out of Phrase.
out of doors Phrase.
out-of-out Noun.
outpatient Noun.
Outside Cars Phrase.
Outside Food Phrase.
outstanding Adjective.
Over-enthu Adjective.
Over-Gaaji Noun.
Overnight Obama Adjective.
oversmart Adjective.
oversmartness Adjective.
Own Brother Phrase.
Own comp Noun.
Owners Risk Phrase.
Oye! Exclamation.
oye Exclamation.