The definitive guide to South Asian lingo


'A' Abbreviation.
A! Exclamation.
A1 Adjective.
A2B Noun.
aa? Phrase.
Aaaama Exclamation.
Aaaandeway Adverb.
Aaai Ga Exclamation.
Aaatoo Noun.
Aacha Exclamation.
Aadaa Noun.
Aagadeilla Exclamation.
Aah? Exclamation.
aaicha gho Exclamation.
Aaight! Exclamation.
Aaiyo Exclamation.
Aai Zavnicha Adjective.
aaks Verb.
aal Noun.
aal izz well Phrase.
aalti palti Adverb.
aam aadmi Phrase.
aam admi Noun.
Aamblate Noun.
aam junta Noun.
aand mat kha Phrase.
Aanna Noun.
aan-the-way Phrase.
Aao Na Exclamation.
aap Verb.
aapu Noun.
Aapu adchichu Phrase.
aara Noun.
aasa dosa Phrase.
aash push Adjective.
aatel Noun.
Aathaadi Exclamation.
Aatish baazi Phrase.
aatur Adjective.
aavali Noun.
Aayah Noun.
Aayla Exclamation.
Aaytthaa ? Exclamation.
Abba Noun.
Abbaa Exclamation.
abba, cha! Exclamation.
Abba Ka Naam Adverb.
Abbebbebbebe Exclamation.
abbha Verb.
Abbo Exclamation.
ABC Abbreviation.
ABCD Abbreviation.
ABCDEF Adjective.
Abey Exclamation.
abhishekam Noun.
abhishtu Noun.
Abhiwarya Noun.
abroad Noun.
Abu Times... Phrase.
ACB Adjective.
accelater Noun.
accidented Adjective.
accused Adjective.
ACDC Adjective.
acha bacha Adjective.
Achayan Noun.
Achcha Exclamation.
achoda! Exclamation.
achu Noun.
acid wash Adjective.
A/C, non-A/C Abbreviation.
acting pricey Phrase.
act off Verb.
Actually Verb.
Adangi Odungi Phrase.
Adda Noun.
Addha Noun.
Addi Verb.
Adengappa Exclamation.
Adi Dadi Phrase.
Adi Fatak Noun.
adikolu Noun.
Adi Matter Phrase.
Adingotha Exclamation.
adipoli Exclamation.
Adi Poli Adjective.
adipolli Exclamation.
Adjust Madi Phrase.
adumko Verb.
Advaita Noun.
advance Adjective.
Aeroplane Noun.
Afeem Exclamation.
Aff-faa!! Exclamation.
After someone Phrase.
Aga bai Exclamation.
Againust Noun.
Agau Adjective.
Age no bar Phrase.
Agey se left Phrase.
Aggau Adjective.
aghori Noun.
Agra Petha Noun.
Aho Exclamation.
Aho eykla ka Phrase.
Aicchhhhh Exclamation.
Aich and all Exclamation.
Aiiyyeeee! Exclamation.
Aila Exclamation.
Ain? Exclamation.
ainak Noun.
Aing Exclamation.
ainvayi Adjective.
AIR Abbreviation.
Airdash Verb.
Aisa Exclamation.
Aisaich Adverb.
Aisalakkidi-giligilli Exclamation.
Aiseech Phrase.
Aiyyo Exclamation.
Aiyyo Rama Phrase.
Ajakku Noun.
Ajeeb Adjective.
Ajji Noun.
AJM Abbreviation.
Akai TV Noun.
akal ke dushman Exclamation.
akbaritis Noun.
akhri Adverb.
akkan Exclamation.
akshay patra Adjective.
Alaaraam. Noun.
A-laa-raam Noun.
Alag bulag Adjective.
alag salag Phrase.
Alak Bulak Adjective.
Alangolam Verb.
Alavaladhi Noun.