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"When man was created, he was quipped with a skull to protect his brain. This original protection measure " set-up" was effective in the then soft environment which was man's normal habitat'. As man evolved, he started by taming the horse, as he outgrew the speed capability of the horse, he began searching for faster modes of travel. He first developed the steam engine, followed by the internal combustion engine and then the turbine. Man, while he has succeeded in propelling himself at speeds that would have scared his ancestors, has also changed his surroundings to hard unyielding surfaces both horizontal and vertical."

Unfortunately, he has not been able to transform himself to the protective needs of his new lifestyle and environment. The helmet is, therefore, necessary and just a link in the long chain of safety equipment and counter measures man has to use in his present surroundings.


Thanks to the Mumbai Traffic Police
Added 2013-03-29 by braxton




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Used to mean "What's the big deal?".
It is difficult to say what this phrase translates into and which language.


Raju: "Today, there is a bandh, no buses. How will you go to office?"
Sanju: "I will take the local train, what is there?"
Added 2011-10-20 by WonYendWonly
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Why not? What's the big deal?

It's a rhetorical question, don't answer it. This phrase has been in popular usage for the last 50 years, and has the advantage of taking on a Punjabi flavor in Punjab, and a Tam flavor in Chennai, Bong flabor in Kolkatta and..well, you get the idea.


"Come to the party, what's there?"

"Eat another piece of cake, what's there?"

"Let me drive your Kiney, what's there?"

Added 2011-07-13 by engfrood





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