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useless goose

\Yuzles Guz\
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Refers to a Silly fellow or a Useless fellow. The preferred term of derogatory intent for college educated ladice. sometimes also used when shy is coming after some teasing


Revi: Andy, buntu is coming to house today
Andy: Why is he coming? he is always simply eating and standing in window watching ladice only. Yuzles Guz
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Useless Fellow, Silly Fellow

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dubakkoru, dubaak, bhaadkhau, dur-ty goose

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Adjective. November 4, 2012, Word of the Day


A semi insult used by elder people picking on someone younger who has

- Scored only 95% not 100%
- Failed an exam
- Not sure what they want to do with life
- Fellow who does not show up on time
- Fellow who is constantly chasing girls
- Someone who wants to join Roadies
- Wants to study literature not IIT

Can apply to 1001 life situations. Context depends on persons background and situation


Why such low marks??? You USELESS FELLOW !!!
Added 2011-07-18 by Impolitika