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In local-lingo, this was the strip of road that connected a duo of Bangalore's most renowned localities - Koramangala and Indiranagar. However, rather than for its coital-joinder between two desirable entities, the Strip, was known for running alongside the now-defunct domestic airport HAL. Due to The Strip's strategic positioning thus, one could see aeroplanes gracefully ascend from the runaway into the sky. One could also feel the full impact of the accompanying sound explosion, that one city-resident quipped was the "collective flatulence of the high-flyers", that "facilitated them getting off the ground". However, the Strip soon turned into a hotbed of nefarious activity with airport securty threatening to "shoot-on-sight" at any adventurous, unauthorised intruders. One aspiring film-maker, a chronic stoner, got away by the skin of his arse, when he misinterpreted the warning for "location-shooting!" Cases were also reported of muggers who would "strip" their victims off their clothes and valuables, at knife-point. Another of Bangalore's denizens observed that the Strip sounded like a nudist colony. Well, when looking at the taxing planes, there was no denying that "taking off" was indeed, in the offing.


After grabbing a bite at a joint in Koramangala (or Indiranagar), let's go to the Strip, da! What, did I hear you say, machcha, "Let's go to strip, aa"? No, no, da, to THE Strip! We can waatch plaines taike aff from there.
Added 2013-01-07 by Tino Lobo