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This is somewhat same-to-same...
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Somebody who tells you long winding, mostly untrue stories. A habitual kuiyer.


Toufiq: ..........and my fother's mother's grand uncle's nephew's co-brother was the thennn President of the Tannery Road Auto Driver's Association & he had VIP protection round the clock & 24 hour gunmen & Austin Town was his grandfather's property and he bathed in buffalo milk and fed them only cashewnuts and blah blah blah blah...
Muzammil to Varsha: Pakka raaga dot-com he is!! Now he's going to tell you that Shahrukh Khan is his cousin brother, see if you want
Toufiq: .....& my cousin know, Shahrukh the Bollywood actor, he and Gauri were telling me the other day over biryani, blah blah blah...

Added 2011-07-24 by poori





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