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when two things are accomplished with the effort for one this phrase is used to convey the same and sound intelligent.. it's usually a self-pat on the back situation.


See how clever I am, I brought Parvati from the village to get her a job and am paying only Rs.1000. Now she not only cleans the house, she also cooks!! One stone, two mangoes! how? nice no?
Added 2011-09-10 by sykil




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Term used by the very jokey peoples to describe the student who is very frequently kicked out of the class by teachers as punishment - usually the perpetual late comer, class clown or jest lacy buggers who constantly "forget" to submit their assignments.


Ansy (Tintumon's Andy) to Tintumon: Monay, hau ees school? If you are yenything like your brother Finumon, you muz be getting full marks for evvvrything, eh?

Tintumon's father: No Ansy, infact, he is quite the opposite. Tintumon is very much an outstanding student. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! (very proud of his jokeyness)

Tintumon bleshing; Ansy bleshing even more, managing to laugh politely...

Added 2011-09-04 by puttu-kutty