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This is somewhat same-to-same...
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The earthier, streetside, Kannada version of As if.

Please raise your thumb in a thums-up, & twist it left & right as youre saying it. Then emit a double-grunt after it leaves your mouth. This is the vaggarane on an already well-spiced word.


Rishi: Ma, my cricket bat is broken. Can I have a new one? Tournaments are starting next month, I have to practise
Mom: *with a double grunt* lotte puski! Its the 9th bat that you have broken in a year Rishi! Waat is this?? No i cant buy, go mané
Rishi: Aldreddy I am going for French tuitions, Arabic tuitions, writing exams every 2 months & straining to understand my Maths teacher's Mallu accent. How I will become well-rounded parsnality if I dont play also ma? Aan? How?
Mom: Sigh. Thats also there putta. Okay go & buy. i take back my lotte puski! also.
Added 2011-10-27 by poori





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