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In convents and posh public schools, kids were, on a random day of the week, asked to wear a different coloured uniform for strange reasons that revolved around PT class. And on such days, kids were also mandated to wear white canvas shoes. No, no, not the cool Converse variety. In fact, the converse of Converse. Bata canvas shoes. Most perfect for running two rounds of the school ground and then playing disorganised football or kho kho.

Sadly, these shoes were not made to remain white amidst the dusty redness of school playgrounds. The solution was a white viscous solution made by Kiwi that came in a white box with a blue lid. Since you couldn't really 'polish' canvas, you ended up painting your shoes white with this liquid. And Kiwi helped by providing a brush along with the liquid itself.

The funnest activity for a ten year old.


"Kamala, I have run out of Fair and Lovely. What to do?"
"What ya Vimala, just use Kiwi White Shoe Polish, no?"
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