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Brand of chemical coils known for their mosquito repelling qualities. And also for their unparalleled ability to cause instant asphyxiation in humans.

All you do is stick the coil onto the flimsy metal stand provided, and light it up. Watch the mosquitoes fly away, but don't be surprised if you can't breathe all of a sudden. The fumes are debated to be carcinogenic, but when the neighbourhood mosquitoes are zooming in for the kill and you can't find the Odomos, it starts to look pretty good.

'Kachchua' in Hindi means tortoise, and 'Chaap' means stamp. Why does the meaning of the name translate to Tortoise Stamp you say? Thatandoldonask.

No seriously, I am not knowing.


*Scenic outdoor restaurant in Bangalore, where young couple is having a nice candlelit dinner. Suddenly ....*

Woman: "OW!!!" *Slaps her leg and starts scratching furiously*

Man : "What happened doorling? Why are you scratching like our roadside Tommy?"

Woman : "Aiyo, full mosquitoes are biting me like yanything!"

Man : "Oho. Waiter!!! Get one Kachchua Chaap, fawstly."

Added 2011-11-03 by Surdie Birdie




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Expression of surprise or bewilderment.


Ramesh: heard about the latest in 2G scam?
Suresh: hao. Now Raja points fingers at the Prime Minister. kya hai, kya ki!
Added 2011-07-25 by chota samosa