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Phrase which educates children on the dangers of telling lies. Literally translates to "if you tell lies, the crow will come and bite you". Crows are known to be nasty, cunning and aggressive things, so most children take this phrase to heart, only to realise at a later age that they were hoodwinked by their own fother-mother.

Also the basis of a popular song in Hindi cinema, sung by a wife who doesn't like her husband's incessant untruths.


Irate wife sings to lying husband :

Jhooth boley, Kauwa Kaatey,
Kaale Kauwey se dareeyo.
Main maaikey chalee jaoongee,
Tu dekhte rahiyo.

Translation :

Telling lies, crow will bite,
Be scared of black crow.
I will go to my mummy's,
you just keep watching.

*Husband instantly panics and apologizes profusely to wife, otherwise he will have to make own food and wash own clothes in case she scoots from love-nest. Not something self-respecting Indian men do on screen in dated Hindi movies, preferring to drink themselves into a stupor rather than do a few chores*

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