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If any thing or process gets struck at a critical moment, people tend to use this word.


bhaarya: Le channya get tickets booked in PVR from your home da.
Channya : wait a min macha i'll check on net and tell u.
Bhaerya : Do the payment lo, will pay u later.
Channya : le channya, net hadaskonthu andre ticket kuda book aagolla duddhu cut aagutte..
Added 2011-11-03 by bheems
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Sardonically, "the most truthful".
When you are on a high gear ranting about how honest you were in a particular situation, be prepared to hear me say: "No doubt! You are a Harischandra."

The Hindu mythological personality who was tested to the absolute extreme by gods, adversaries, men, coincidences, besides his own stupid stubbornness; and who finally passed the seemingly endless tests not just with passing marks buttressed by grace marks, but with full marks, with cent percent and some more to spare.

A Harischandra looses every one of his supports that he stands on merely to support the one thing he stands for: truth.


The habitual liar gets to hear " Aha! You are Harishchandra's grandson!"

One who enjoys lies like anything: " You are Harischandra!"

Liar devoted to lies and spares no one in its exercise; co-workers, family, friends and god(?): "Sathya Harischandra!"

Those of 'You, and I' who lie to ourselves every moment of our existence: "Saakshaath Harischandra!"

Added 2011-09-11 by I love Dtool







Horizontal Feats

\Horizontal Feats\
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Non performing team member/team member who's focus is seducing, rather than contributing to the team effort


He must have been describing his horizontal performance
Added 2011-07-25 by lobsaru