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India is probably, the only country in world where you can sell such a product.
Since mid-nineties, hundreds of such products have hit the Indian retail market.
These products come in a cream form. They assure that if used 'regularly', they can turn the user from 'dark' to fair'.
Some even come with a 'scale' to verify that you have really turned 'fairer' than you were before.
There are even some creams, 'specialized for men'.
This accentuates the obsession of Indians with the 'fair' colour.


A typical ad would sound like:
Saat din mein Gora banaye - India's best selling fairness cream - XYZ
Added 2011-12-25 by WonYendWonly


Officially, a coming-of-age ritual where first-year students of a college are inducted into the fold, promised no-ragging for the rest of their career, and mass-humiliated for one last time.

Unofficially, a method for the senior men to check out the fatcha women and influence their choices early.


Senior 1: "Macha, Fresher's Party eppo da?"
(Brother-in-law, when's the Fresher's Party?)
Senior 2: "Freeya vidu macha. Inda batchla ellam mokka figure daan."
(Leave it, Brother-in-law. The figures in this batch are a joke.)
Added 2011-10-25 by TNagarTornado




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