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Phrase. August 26, 2012, Word of the Day


The Indianized version of "God helps those who help themselves" with a very subtle but powerful local twist - we have now asked God to do some heavy lifting and not simbly loaf around doing moral support only..
Us Indians are yustremely clewerr like that

Explains why we get up bright and early the next morning and go on about our work in spite of bomb blasts, hartals, road rokos, 10,000 Karod scams, forest brigands, bad Sallu pitchers and India losing every other Cricket series

May also partly explain lack of Olympic Medals, Nobel prizes and Oscar awards.


Michael Clarke: This Aussie team will focus on the basics - accurate bowling , top-class fielding and we will make practice sessions a priority

M. S Dhoni: We will do our best. God will do the rest

Added 2011-10-14 by Side Character


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Somebody who is a wimp or gets scared easily.


- Kanchan acts like a brave fellow but is basically a darpook!. Last week some seniors ragged him and he did nothing. Other fellows threatened the seniors with outside gangs.
Added 2011-07-28 by Impolitika




North India



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