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Abbreviation. September 4, 2011, Word of the Day


Short for "Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge" (literally, "The Brave-Hearted Shall Take the Bride"). Plot: NRI girl meets vela NRI boy; girl falls in love against her better judgement; oops, girl forgot her father's super conservative!; girl is forcibly deported to India to get married to one Punjab da puttar, a son of the soil; boy realizes he loves girl and follows her there. Let your imagination -- or a rabid SRK fan -- tell you the rest (warning: some of them have by hearted the entire movie).

One of the most popular Hindi films of all time, DDLJ is, as of this writing, still playing in a morning tax-free matinee show in Maratha Mandir theatre in Bombay, presumably to an audience of barely a dozen Yash Raj Films flunkies paid to populate the foyer and thereby perpetuate the legend of the film's continuing popularity. Such potential scams notwithstanding, the film does enjoy untold popularity, and for many young men named Raj, it served, in the years that followed, as an unfortunate beacon for how to comport oneself while almost failing out of college, eve teasing, travelling around Europe, falling in love, and sneakily wooing a girl who is engaged to be married to someone else. Plus Amrish Puri has the scariest father-in-law eyes of any actor in any film role, ever. And the karwa chauth scene is fantastic. DDLJ is a must watch for all these reasons.


Swooning SRK fan: SRK is soooooooooo hot in DDLJ! The way he carries around that guitar, and sings to himself with that crooked smile? Hai, main mar jaavaan (Uff, I'm going to just die!]"
Added 2011-08-18 by simbly
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Lines from a movie, usually the funny one-liners.


Screen villian: "Now what will happen to you, Blacky?"
Moviegoer: "Wah, this movie has good dialogues!"
Added 2011-07-08 by Minkey Chief