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An ayurvedic medicine which is mostly used for piles(mulakooru).It is also used for any problems relating to the digestive system.Frequented by most ammoomas.


amme ee deshamularishtam kudiku ellam sheriaavum
(amma take this deshamularishtam everything will be all right)
Added 2011-11-25 by kochumaria


Though not as popular as Draksharishtam when it comes to Ayurvedic tonics, it was nevertheless the postprandial medicine of choice in my grandfather's house and thus holds a special place in my heart.

Truth be told the stuff was kosher enough that my thatha would allow me a swig or two, and to me it tasted like what I could only imagine wine or liquor might taste like given that I had never had the experience of the real stuff. And this was more than enough to win me over.

I was sold on Dasamoolarishtam. I would hold forth on its benefits over that of Chyavanaprasam, but never dared to suggest that it had the Lehyams beat.


Fother: Man, I've had a tough day at work. I need a drink.
Thatha: All we have is Dasamoolarishtam...
Fother: I really need to get my own place!
Added 2011-07-06 by Studmuffin




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