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Large room in Indian homes of which one part is used as family room (drawing room) and the other as the dining area. The drawing room contains a sofa cum bed (see separate definition)


Yaar you have a large drawing cum dining room. You can enjoy gup shup and khana all the time here, naa.
Added 2012-07-30 by Paanini
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Dismiss all mental images of fire breathing creatures from fantasy novels, or their hotblooded slayers. This term, first coined (to my knowledge) by a lawyer in the Bangalore courts - who shall remain unnamed out of my tender wish to protect Samosapedia from its first (?) defamation suit - refers to the act of making an action unduly protracted.

(Source: my liar parents, who first came up against this astonishing term - and MAN - in the 70s, since when it has become common parlance in our family, much to the horror of people who think we speak proper English)


Vociferous advocate: Milord, yagain and yagain they are seeking adjournment and your honour is granting. I am putting on record my most strong objection to the manner in which these fellows are dragonning and dragonning the case!

Sudha (hostile muttering to self): I don't see why I have to wear this stooopid sari and ridiculous mookuthi (nose ring), like something out of a Ravi Varma painting, and then wail some Carnatic ballads at some fool who's probably tone deaf and gets off on sequinned shorts and Beyonce...
Mummy:'re 23, not 3! Climb down that mango tree immediately. Dragonning and dragonning this afternoon will turn your would be into your Definitely Not....

Added 2011-09-02 by Malaprop



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Ubiquitous but smallish South Indian fast food joint found all over Karnataka where there is no sitting space and you pay and buy your food at the counter(self service) and stand and eat the stuff or you 'take out' the food.
Even when they look similar to each other in many ways, carry almost identical menu like the Macs or the US chains, and/or have similar or even identical names they are all mostly independent of each other. The fare is generally good, fresh, hygienic, and reasonably priced, besides you get a quick grab. They are a successful business model for small entrepreneurs too.


Food is cheap and best in Darshinis.
Added 2011-08-28 by I love Dtool






Food and Drink

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