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An age-old tradition, a finely developed tactic in election politics that had gained credence through the end of the 20th century.

During an election, each constituency is made up of a finite number of booths. The residents of each constituency cast their votes in panchayat/ municipal, state as well as country-wide elections in these booths.

In certain constituencies, political parties may find it convenient and altogether advantageous to seize these booths with the help of armed youths. The booth is effectively held hostage until all ballot papers are seized, marked, forged and inserted into ballot boxes. Naturaly under the circumstances, the youths vote for their preferred political party. Bonafide voters, who might have arrived at the booth for voting purpuzz might be under physical threat during what is effectively, a seige.

Booth capturing is the illegal casting of fake votes.


This year, booth capturing was reported across 38 constituencies in this district. A re-election has been ordered by the Election Commisioner.
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During 1996-1998, the wildly unpopular British ambassador to India was named David Gore-Booth. The fact that he was called gora booth in jest ("white ghost") did nothing to endear him to the government of India. Or to Robin Cook, his disgruntled foreign secretary.


Don't go near that abandoned house! It's a booth bungalow!
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