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Definitely not Chinese and barely Bombay (the cuisine originated in Calcutta), the Desi version of one of the oldest cooking traditions in the world, very carefully avoids any ingredients, recipes or methods that may accidentally cause it to become authentically Chinese...
...Keeping with the dictum that "Indians love any world cuisine as long as it tastes like Indian cuisine", Bombay Chinese usually is made with stuff like cumin, coriander and turmeric, spices the Chinese probably only heard about through their geography text books...
...Some call it Indo-chinese and others call it Indian Chinese, but 4 out of 5 desis agree on one thing - Indian Chinese is way more delicious than Chinese Chinese


Bobby Ganesan (in a SF Chinatown Restaurant): - One cup sweet corn soup, 1 silly gobi and 1 Sinese Chapsi

Waiter Bruce Lee: Huh!!!

Added 2012-11-06 by Side Character

Bon voyage

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Friendly farewell greeting, also used to display one's easy familiarity with foreign terms like kewseen, kuffay, enroot.


All ma bags a' packed, Ah'm ready ter go, Taxi's waitin' outside the door - and your next door neighbours and their dog emerge and mill around shouting, " Don't worry, we'll pay your light-bill and water bill and keep an eye on your house. Happy Journey, Happy Bonevoyeaje!"
Added 2012-01-25 by Su Lee




All India
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Phrase. September 7, 2011, Word of the Day


Despite Section 377, bumming a fag merely refers to the practice of mooching a cigarette off a friend. (Sometimes accompanied by put-on looks of embarrassment at not being able to afford one's own cigarette.)


S: "Dude, I'm broke. Can I bum a fag off you?"

K: "Chillax. Here you go."

Added 2011-07-21 by SouthIndianPride