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obligation, limitation


Generally, you can do it as per your own convenient timings...... no time boundation….just work when ever you want at your flexible time.
Added 2013-04-18 by finikuskabhaiya




All India
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Outcast -> oppressed -> oppressor -> parlimentarian -> martyr - all before she even turned 40, Phoolan Devi's life out-bollywood'd anything Bollywood could script, Shekar Kapoor's Bio Pic not withstanding...

Part feudal horror story and part media hype, Phoolan Devi became the unlikely Jhansi Rani of her times and her "Daku Rani" life inspired dozens of "Chambal ki Kasam" movies across the cow-belt...


Cartoonist Ajit Ninan caricatured the various ham-handed Phoolan Devi "manhunts" with the phrase "Fool'em Devi"
Added 2012-01-05 by Side Character