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This is somewhat same-to-same...
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That is the Matter.
that is the deal.
that is the issue.
that is what it is.
so stop being so incredulous. told you no.
close that open mouth.
full concise complete conclusion.
saray na?
We Telugus no, we like mixing and matching.
koncham English koncham Telugu


1st Assistant: aithay she was looking TIP TOP and all okay but she can't speak Telugu at all ya. why only we must take all naarth gurlz? now i only have to teach her dialogues while she is laughing laughing at my mother tongue saying jalebi jalebi. how bad no? tchaa Adi Matter. I yam fed up with these fair-y queens.
2nd Assistant: ....see Ileana is speaking Telugu no, Genelia also?
1st Assistant: speaking with bodies vonly, anthay!
Added 2011-07-18 by korivikaram