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Why this kolaveri di?

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Why this murderous rage?


A: Why this kolaveri di?
B: For fun.
A: Why do you like the song?
B: Because its Tamil machan! :D
Purliya? Orru quater sollu machan.
Added 2011-12-17 by Mokkanai


First truly Indian video to go viral in India.
There have been Indian videos which have previously gone viral like the hilarious how can she slap or tunak tunak tun, but the difference is that the aforementioned videos went viral due to western patronage.
Why this kolaveri di on the other hand is an Indian phenomenon, specifically a south Indian one made popular by Indian consumption.
Many a north Indians are confused why they themselves are loving this madrasi song.


Satendar - Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di? Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di? (rhythm correct) Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di? (maintain please) Why this kolaveri ............ ............. aa di?

Paneerselvam - Even you like this song aa? You understand it or what?

Satendar - No man... I don't know why I like this song, but can't get enough of it yaar. And the deadly part is I don't even like curd rice!

Added 2011-11-24 by Mildly Racist




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