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No amount of apologizing will grant forgiveness.


Geeta:{to her sister Deepa}-please forgive me i wore your favourite sari without asking you and spilled ink all over it!
Deepa:Go to hell!Sorry doesn't make a dead man alive!
Added 2011-09-14 by krazeee
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No matter how many times I heard it in the schoolyards and on the sidewalks, this one always puzzled me as a rather dramatic and harsh way to reject a simple and sincere apology.

I understand that sometimes it takes time to let go of the hurt and forgiveness is a temporal process and all and all... but must it come down to life and death?


Me: "Oh shucks, I left your movie at home man... Sorry! Tomorrow, god promise
You: "Sorry won't make a dead man alive...
Me: "Geezus!"
Jesus: "Don't take my name!"
Added 2011-07-07 by Studmuffin
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