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An expression to pacify an otherwise hyper individual.


A: I am going to kill that SOB with my bare hands.
B: Shant gadadhaari bheem, shant!

aaj mere hathon qatl hai.
SGB dude

Added 2012-10-12 by lachhaparatha




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specimen is actually anything preserved in a glass bottle with chemicals, usually found in a science lab. but science teachers use this handy word to scold children who drive them up the wall with their reckless behavoiur.


Science Teacher(fuming with rage)- Raja! how many times have i told u to not slide on the staircase railing ?
Raja(grinnig mischievously)- sorry miss...
Added 2011-09-11 by Somberi

sofa cum bed

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Aah, the great Indian toofer..Is their anything greater than the 2-in-1 sofa? Yunything yatall I say?

The SCB occupies the pride of place in the hall. It sits there all by itself in majestic rexin-covered splendor just waiting to be converted at the drop of a handle.
Never mind that the seam between the seat and the backrest is as high as a speed-bump and is the #1 reason for spondylitis among elder engles
Never mind that the backrest sits at an angle of 10 degrees to the other half even when unfolded fully.
Nevermind...oh never mind...
The fact that your son-in-law/damad/mapillai can snore for 3 hours - lungi-clad limbs all akimbo - in the afternoon and still claim that he took only a small nap simbly because he did not sleep in the bedroom? - priceless


Engle (to son-in-law): simbly lie down on sofa-cum-bed i say. You will sleep like anything
Added 2011-09-01 by Side Character





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