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Noun. May 16, 2013, Word of the Day


Aka Simpu Sodhi / Sodhi sir.

Oh ji main kiha, he is the one and only, world famous animated Sardarji school teacher who made regular appearances on Channel V from the late 90's to mid 2000's. Jab dekho toh he was surrounded by his class students who looked suspiciously like sneaky little rats in blue and white uniforms. He was total champion character in life, and especially entertaining during his brief visits on celluloid.

Ferociously yelling "BOIZZZZ!" whenever he caught his male students doing some khurafati, telling everyone with any doubts to "Ask the Pankazz" ( the Pankazz ... Umm ... the Pankaj was class topper), going Pure Vezz (Veg) for the cause of PETA (All Sardars fainted off in Punjab when they heard the news), and of course, forever enforcing his favourite punishment of "Haath upar karke kharey ho zaao!"(Stand up with your hands above you!) on the ratty bratties in his class - this is what one and all loved about him. But his besht dialogue had to be the one heard everytime his unruly class started giggling uncontrollably, "Bhai, zoke kya hai? Vat's the ZOKE, hain???"

What Lola Kutty was to the Mals, Simpu was to the Surdies - a chance to double up with mirth at seeing their own unique mannerisms, unconscious habits and amusing accents enacted on tv. And that too in cartoon form! (Beat that, Lola)

Simpu was inherently lovable, if a bumbling and somewhat naive chap, (the name Simpu is derived from 'Simple') and folks have been trying to get Channel V to make him come out of retirement for years. Sources say he has found an inexhaustible supply of aloo paranthas and aam da achaar and only the Pankazz knows his secret location, rumoured to be somewhere near the Zzalandhar. Neerazz, Loveleen and Harpreet have been trying to worm it out of that mugpot, but he refuses to divulge any information.

Sodhi Sir, wherever you are, we all love you and miss you and now there is no one telling us to stand with haath upar karke. Bahut ho gaya Sirji hunn tussi wapas aa jao. If you are still wanting Pure Vezz food you can move to the South (just not to Kerala. Why? Sodhi ji, ab yeh mat poochiye)


*Simpu Sodhi has consented to come out of retirement and is teaching Samosapedians. Suddenly a paper plane flies from somewhere in the class straight into sir's big nose. Backbenchers are the first to be blamed, as always*

Sodhi Sir : "BOIZZZZ!!!!"

*Poori, Minkey Chief and Ryanlobo freeze in their tracks in the last bench. Sodhi Sir has forgotten that Poori is a girl. Ryan has been caught with another paper plane in his hand and is instantly incriminated*

Sodhi Sir, waving the first plane about : "Zeh kya hai bhai, hain? HAIN???"

Ryan :"Sarr! That is not my plane sarr! That plane is made with ruled paper. I don't have ruled notebook only!"

Sodhi Sir : "RYAN!!! Haath upar karke kharey ho zao... Kharey ho zao haath upar karke!! Poori aur Minkey, bhai kal aap dono apne daddy ko bulao."

*Suddenly Arun realises that Surdie Birdie is the only one who uses ruled paper. He starts giggling and is instantly caught*

Sodhi Sir :"ARUN!!! Vat's the ZOKE, bhai?"

Added 2011-11-16 by Surdie Birdie



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Surdie Birdie

Yes yes. Totally fictitious! *innocent look*

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All persons referred to here are fictional hehehe :)

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Noun. December 22, 2013, Word of the Day


a sikh who wears a turban. the 'jee' gives izzat

unlike 'surd' or surdy, this term is not offensive.


thank you, sardarji.
Added 2011-11-14 by barfi baby




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Sardar Simpu Singh Sodhi
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Term given to politically incorrect jokes at the expense of the Sikh community.

The sardar (Sikhs) community has been the butt of many a jokes in India, it simms there is something inherently funny about the sardars that the rest of India finds. But a certain naughty Indian uncle Khushwant Singh blew it up on the rest of Indias faces when he started writing joke books and doing brisk business at the railway station bookstores. His jokes were dirty and self deprecating and best is gave you a funny times in the Indian railways.


Santa and Banta were walking in cubbon park when Santa fell down a hole

Banta - Oye, Santa are you ok?
Santa - Ok, yaar
Banta - Anything broken?
Santa - Nahi yaar, there is nothing down here.

Added 2011-09-28 by Mildly Racist


Phrase used by non-surdies to indicate that a Surdie has, in a moment of inherent Surdiness, inadvertently committed an amusing gaffe. Literally means "The Surdie chimed 12 o'clock".

The faux pas inevitably tends to provide great entertainment to one and all, no doubt because of the existing popular notions about Surdies, leading to a sheepish grin from the Surdie in question. Each new incident adds fresh fodder to aforementioned notions. This is the scientific definition of what is called a 'vicious cycle'. But an amusing one.

The blooper then morphs itself into a surdie joke, which starts to make it's rounds on the net and quickly goes viral. It then winds up as twenty-four separate emails with the exact same content (sent by an equal number of sources) in some other unfortunate Surdie's inbox. Because all twenty four people who got it thought of the exact same Surdie to send it to. Whatte funs.


Ancient Surd Joke :

Sardarji is walking down the lane with a cup of curd in the hand, which also happens to be the hand he wears his watch on. Passerby hails him and asks, "What time is it?"

Sardarji turns his hand over to look at the watch and says :"O jee,Baraah Baj Gaye"

If you didn't get it, you're the king of all surdies.

Added 2011-07-12 by Surdie Birdie




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