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Naattu Kozhi minns country chicken. Or for the firangi types it minns cornish hen. So why i yam giving this lesson? Because, there are many restaurants serving this Nattu Kozhi Biryani. The chicken used in this though tougher, if not cooked well, is surprisingly soft and tasty when well prepared. A delicacy types for a lot of folks in South.


Come da we'll put off one Biryani?
Lets put Nattu Kozhi Biryani today at Paramount.
Added 2012-02-27 by Oh Pinne




South India


Food and Drink


Stop & ask for directions from Koshy's to Commercial Street & this is what you might hear...nettighogi shtright thagoli. You, poor innocent North Indian with wonly 1 year experience in the city, can understand upto 'nettighogi' (since its cent percent accompanied by lengthening of sayer's hand) but are lost after that. ''Go straight & take STRAIGHT??? Saauthth ke saare log pagal hain kya?'' you ask the heavens.

''No you khuppa thotti gube'', says a voice from above.

''He's telling you to go straight & take RIGHT turn!! ''


Harmeet: Suniye ji aunty ji, yahan se haaw to go to Commercial Street?
Sizzling Shalini: Aunty ji na? Yaawonaunu?? hmph! *lengthening her hand shtraighghtly* nettighogi shtright thagoli, my diyar unkal jee.
Harmeet: Kya? 'Go straight & take STRAIGHT??? Saauthth ke saare log pagal hain kya??'' *walking off in a huff*
Sizzling Shalini *tossing her hair & muttering kutrr kutrr*: Houdu. Naave pagal, bidu. They only don't know Engliss & from somewhere & all they come & start yapping with us only!
Added 2011-07-22 by poori





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