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A rhetorical question that, depending on the context, can be replaced by:

1.Are you crazy?

2.How could you think that way?

3. No way, that is totally impossible!


1. A: Arre, you know Gopal likes you. You guys should go out.
B: Mad or what? Why should I go out with that lukha fellow.

2. A: Hey, lets go trekking to Lonavla this weekend, what say?
B:Dude, trekking in the heat..mad or what.

3. A: Chal, lets go see a movie at Regal.
B: Arre, but it's 2:30 and the show starts at 3!
A: No re, I'm sure we can make it.
B:Kuch bhi..Bandra to Colaba in 20 minutes? You mad or what?

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