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Abbreviation. October 2, 2012, Word of the Day


JNU is an abbreviation for Jawaharlal Nehru University, a liberal arts university in New Delhi.
This university is known for its dynamic student political life which is majorly influenced by the Left. The term "JNU types" is a term to indicate "communists" ,"leftists" and "socialists"
(All three terms usually confuse the average captialist,hence JNU type serves as a easy descriptor)
This categorization also stems from the assumption that a majority of right-wingers have a background in science.

Due to their anti-capitalistic traits, the JNU types have a simplistic dress code called the 'Jhola-kurta'


Fiery capitalist's rant on a online news mag discussion board :

These JNU types are just academics, mostly leftist. Probably government employed. See what I mean by JNU being totally useless ?I will value a call center worker over such people any day!
What have these leftist &%^*&*& academics / intellectuals from JNU ever done ? Spread anti-India, anti-business, anti- free market leftist ideologies which has destroyed any country which has tried it. Some professors from JNU actively campaign for the dismemberment of India. I pay for their salaries, and they work to destroy my country.

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