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card game


Ram: Maga, I'm getting shit bored. Lets play something
Shyam: ok machi, shall play ispit?
Added 2012-09-20 by aiyyaa




South India

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I love you da

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Phrase. February 13, 2013, Word of the Day


The most common and highly used endearment phrase among south-Indian young lovers and newly married couples regardless of the gender. The phrase is an integral part of all SMS's, emails and chat messages exchanged between them and is religiously uttered atleast hundred and seventy three times during each phone call.


{On Phone}
Shiva: Rani, how is your throat infection da?
Rani: {Coughs her lungs out and swallows the phlegm} It's better than yesterday, thank you for asking. I love you da.
Shiva: Love you too da chellam. Umma!
Rani: Umma.
Added 2011-07-25 by Victor Guerra