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The omnipresent little sticker on the cream-coloured plastic door of every self-respecting Shanti Sagar, Ravi Sagar and every other Sagar and Darshini in the country. Usually, the sticker has a picture of a hand on it, which disturbingly enough, doesn't look very clean. The hardest part though is finding the area. You'll usually go past the kitchen and several storage rooms before you reach it.
Beware, if you do not want to waste precious moments figuring out where to rinse your hands before you dig into your meal, use this term or else the following could happen to you!


Woman: Waiter, where is the restroom here?
Waiter: What madam? You want to rest? We have hotel also, next building. A/C non A/C room, attached toilet, very nice madam. Double room for you and your husbend. Where he is?
Woman: No no, I mean the bathroom. Where is the bathroom here?
Waiter: Oh saary madam, here no bathroom. Maintenance too much problem. But Indian toilet is there on fust floor.
Woman: I just need to wash my hands!
Waiter (Sudden revelation): Oh handwash aa?? Say like that no madam. There wonly, just you go straight and behind that green curtain.
Added 2011-07-08 by Shutup your mouth