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ghar mein maa-behen nahin hai kya?

\guh-r may maa bay-hen naa-hee hay kyaa?\
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Phrase. February 15, 2013, Word of the Day


Literally, "Don't you have a mother and a sister at home?" An angry exclamation of disgust and/or self-defense, used in response to lecherous looks or behaviour by Road Side Romeos or eve teasers. The implication, of course, is not that the young gent in question should focus his tharki attentions homeward, but that having a mother and sister(s) at home should have taught him some basic etiquette toward women in the first place.

(In hindsight, perhaps this question is not really that constructive; if mother-sister *had* taught him manners, he wouldn't be out lounging on the footpath whistling and hollering, or in public buses surreptitiously copping a feel at every bump in the road. Oh, well, no-one promised logic. And to tell the truth, the point of such a statement is really to retaliate, intimidate the bully, and signal to any older passersby or passengers that they should come to one's rescue asap.)


(Tashan Tushar tries to make a pass at a girl on a crowded Bombay double-decker bus. But she's having none of it.)
Anjali: Abbe, behen chod, haath lagaata hai (touching or what)? Saale, what do you think of yourself? Ghar mein maa-behen nahin hai kya?
(Immediately all heads turn, and two-three uncles and auties restrain the offender, one of them smacking him around the head with a newspaper.)
Added 2011-08-18 by simbly
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Means any job working for the government. In many parts of India this denotes a safe job for life till retirement age.

It was a safe bet for marraige partners selection.


"The girl is well employed. She has gorement job"
Added 2011-07-28 by Impolitika
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Noun. April 6, 2012, Word of the Day


Kannada phrase meaning "Government", or in general a reference to the Executive wing of the state


Gorement's work is God's work
Added 2011-06-20 by Kannadoggy