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When you gotta go potty, you gotta gotta go potty, ain't scared of no tiger. Quaint rhyme in villages of central India that translates as when you've got to the loo (hagga), you don't fear even if there is a tiger (baggha) on the loose. Figurative meaning is a desperate man fears nothing. So remember, when you are scared of itty bitty things, there are folks in remote villages shitting outdoors with tigers in the vicinity.


Chal hat, main nai darta, baggha se nahi dare hagga.
Added 2013-05-16 by Paanini

Back country

\Bake contry\
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Expat Bangaldeshi word for native land.


Back contreer jhaal mudi khoob bhalo. Ui maa.
Added 2012-08-18 by Paanini