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Exclamation. January 20, 2012, Word of the Day


11th Commandment of Indian English
If thou shalt not BY HEART thou shalt be declared UNINDIAN
Rote learning. baTTi. to Mug Up. anything but learning the mechanics of the how and why, while concentrating on when/where/what and who. Not that bad if you look at the results.
Only at SOME point of life those who know the when/where/what and who should concentrate on the how and why but by that time they are too bored.
don't ask me why. i didn't learn it.
ask me what, i'll tell you.


sister alphonsa maria: did you or did you not by heart the poem the Ancient Mariner! tell the truth now or cane beatings only for you, common!
trembling archana: sister, my dog ate off the last page sister, when i ran after him, my mother used first page for pakodis, when i came back my poetry book was missing, then i saw ayah cleaning my brother's potty with the rest of the poem...sister i will buy new book tomorrow only, yesterday i went no but the books were over in the the man said 'come tomorrow'...sister....
ess ve tell TALL tales.
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