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Mamta Banerjee is the current (as of 2012) Chief Minister of the state of West Bengal.
She is world famous in India for her long fight against the former Left government in West Bengal and her resolve to not tolerate any conspiracies those mediapeepul and commies hatch against the peepul of West Bengal.

Those evil conspiracy hatching commies have got their own comrades raped in order to discredit her government! Those assholes, i say!
And those mediapeepul put everything out of context just to conspire against the peepul of West Bengal.

Tata peepul and commies conspired to set up industry in West Bengal! Like Didi will take this lying down! She destroyed this conspiracy against the peepul by kicking Tata to Gujarat where they can do all their conspiracy to create wealth. Who needs things anyways? She does fine with her 3 saris and 1 bata chappal and so can you.

When she decided to remove all English language newspapers and other critical dailies from public libraries, leaving only those which support her, then all these peepul got their chuddies in a bunch all of a sudden! She is the CM, for maa mati manush sake! Afterall she had to stop the conspiracy of those conspiracy spewing newspapers.

And what is wrong with professor peepul anyways? Forwarding jokes and cartoons of Didi on social media and all, when the Information Technology Act 2000 explicitly states that 'forwarding jokes and cartoons of Didi on social media and all is not allowed'.

And how can any right minded peepul not see the conspiracy in hiking the train fares? What is the need, when we have super clean, efficient and basically the best in the world trains and stations? Those commies will go to any extent in their conspiracy to malign West Bengal, they planted that Diwedi fellow in her party and conspired to make him Rail minister and then raise the fares!

Those commies and mediapepul go to parties and clubs at night just for no reason? Why is it necessary to go out at night? nope this conspiracy will not be tolerated and the government will kindly do the needful and everything will have to shut by 12.

For thousands of years all the world had conspired against the peepul of Kolkata and made their street lights yellow in color, making it too cozy! Didi shattered this conspiracy and she had to replace all the lights with the color of her sari to protect the peepul.

Now do you see what Didi has to deal with? From the time she wakes up and wraps her austere sari to the time she takes off her hawai chappal before sleeping she has to fight all these conspiracies to protect West Bengal and its peepul.


Mamta Banerjee to Rajdeep Sardesai - Hum common peepul rahega, rahtey jaaonga!

Mamta Banerjee - Ami ee conspiracy tolerate na korbe!
Trinamool Congress worker - Ami tumake rock korbe!
Me - Come at me bro.

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