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That's how every fan of Carnatic Classical music reverentially and affectionately calls M.S. Subbulakshmi(1916-2004 -- Madurai Shanmukhavadivu Subbulakshmi). An example of a single individual contributing so much to make an already great genre of Indian music, the Karnataka Shastreeya Sangeeth, so much more popular in the entire world.

If anyone has savored even a bit of Karnataka Sanngeeth, for certain they have listened to Venkateshwara Suprbhatha, or Vishnu Sahasranama, or Bhajagovindam. In not, they have never ever known what is that genre of music. These are the most popular and evergreen renditions of MS that probably have been the three most played songs in the world, often clouding her other even-greater performances rendered in about 10 different languages of the country.

Her beautiful personality, always sporting a considerable amount of gold ornaments, a huge kunkum the bindi on the forehead, grand silk sarees contrasted by her ever present light but unmistakable smile, a posture of devotion, serenity, humility and professionalism would etch itself in your mind.

Her singing is full-bodied but the emotion in her voice( particularly the emotion of devotion) is so steady and level that neither the music is lost nor the spirit of the song is lost on you.

The humble Empress will live on inspiring generations of kids to take to classical music.


The funny and painful part of many Street Ganesh festival celebrations is, ignorantly they play, on loud speakers, MS's Venkateshwara Suprabhata whenever the boys in charge fancy: evenings, afternoons, nights; but rarely ever when it is appropriate- the mornings!
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