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Actually the phrase is used to express a state of being annoyed or piqued.

The well known Kannadiga usage is "Shirt hurkonthaney" ( He tears his shirt off.) In reality, the speaker is alluding to "thika hurkothaney" ( tears his ass off). It is a way of concealing the profanity of the expression, to be socially more tolerable.

It is very similar to 'freakin' being used for 'fuckin' when situation demands that you behave decently, although you aren't.


Lo, avangey duDDu vapas keLbeda. Shirt hurkothaney.
(hey don't ask him to return the loan. he will tear his shirt off.)
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A young waiter or a cleaner in a hotel or bar in Karnataka usually 15 years old or less. Mari becomes 'maaNi' in coastal and Malnad areas.

A Kannada word which literally means a young one of an animal or pet. ( Nayi mari= pup, Mari huli= tiger cub, Ili Mari= little mouse.)

You can call your young server "Ye Mari" but not an adult one. He will take offense if you did that.

It is a tad more respectful than just calling the tad by snapping fingers or yelling a "shoo, shoo" or "tch. tch." which some even-more-inconsiderate customers do.

Young boys or even girls in the family can also be addressed affectionately this way.


Pivot Parmesh to the boy Balu in MKG Bar: "Yey Mari, Baa Illi, Od hogi urgnet aagi, ondu ITC King thagambaa"
( Hey little one, come here. Run and get an ITC king fast!)
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