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Marathi expletive indicating a spineless, non self respecting, scavenging individual. Living off the earnings of a prostitute.
Combination of words 'Bhaad' i.e. short form for the word bhaadya, which in turn is a short form of bhadva meaning pimp & 'Khaa' i.e. to eat.
Usage of the word in day-to-day context is rather free of its actual meaning. Used as merely a reprimand for an irksome action.
Supposed to have transcended borders and also widely used outside of Maharashtra in various different versions like bhaadkho, bhaadku etc.


Epicurist: Where is the Chicken tandoori I got last night?
Free Loader (picking his teeth): Burp....I just ate it!
Epicurist (raising his leg to kick Free Loader's butt): Arre bhaadkhau sagli khaallis? (You ate it all?)
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People, Very Bad Words

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