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MavshiChi Gaand

\Ma-v-sh-ee Ch-ee Ga-aa-nd\
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The explosive expletive , also identified as the Indian "Bitch Please!" , this term was coined by none other than our beloved auntie lover Jackie Shroff during an advert shoot for Pulse polio vaccine awareness 14 YEARS AGO.
It is derived from Marathi,where "Mavshi" generally means aunt and "Gaand" , as we know, is the rear end . It can be used with reference to a hot aunty's backside or a common housemaids' , generally dependent on the taste of the exclaiming individual, or just as word for the moment in a negative situation. Please exercise caution as random Vegetable buying aunties will generally apropos to the usage being very rude and use their purses' and sabzi carrying bags to turn you to a better shade of orange.


When Khloe Kardashians' son grows older , he is going to have a severe affection for MavshiChi Gaand . (Who of course is Kim Kardashian).
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