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head weight

\Head Weight\
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Describes a person who believes he is superior with no valid basis


Arvind to Prakash: That fellow Sumant does not know anything but acts so proudly. He has too much head weight.
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Adjective. February 28, 2012, Word of the Day


Territorial monogamy when it comes to matters culinary. Transgression thereof results in contamination of nuclear proportions. A little Chernobyl in the daily life of a TamBrahm or digga. Occurs when bodily fluids are guilty of trespass and go AWOL in an extra-jurisdictional kind of way.

Prime examples involve the sharing of glasses, cutlery or crockery once they've made contact with your lips/fingers. If it's involuntary or absent minded, you may get off with a mild rebuke. If it's intentional because you're modern with modern outlook and like yanking people's chain when it comes to matters of superstition and religion, you will be on the verge of ostracism while your mummy wonders where she went wrong. And rushes off to offer a coconut to her favourite deity, a prayer on her lips....

Note to people from up north: same to same as your jootha business, woyich.


Jay (returning from cricket practice): I could kill for a long drink now...oh, you have one, awesome....(takes long swig from sister's glass of Rasna)
Mother: Ayyo....what kind of neanderthals have I raised? Shantam paapam...immediately go and wash up with Lifebuoy and put yenjil glass in the sink....
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