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Nothing more than a stereotype created by some men to refer to those women they secretly covet but wouldn't even dare to ask out on a date! Such women are often independent, well read, have a mind of their own and are not easy to 'domesticate'.
A "POMO" deconstruction of Porkipaya's definition reveals the subconscious 'modernist' beliefs that underly such stereotypes. Some of these are:
1.Independence and intelligence in women are a result of western education.
2. All women want is to get married and have babies.
3. Promiscuous women are doomed to a barren, pointless existence. such women resort to feminism and other social causes when they cant 'settle down' with 'good' men, who dont find them acceptable.


'POMO chick' 1: My "Ovaries beseech me to find a good man"!
'POMO chick' 2: I wish I could help you with that but "My body is embedded in laziness and the detritus of many generations of role playing"!
Added 2011-12-23 by Kochu kalli
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