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The night beat exclaim of the British Indian soldier for " Hut Hut, Who is there? Friend or foe?!"
I found this interesting Hinglish a long long time ago referenced in a column-English for you- by Prof. K.S. Yadurajan in Deccan Herald.

It might be like " Hoshiyaaaar..." the Gurkha or the jail guard exclaims(only in movies and theater productions) while beating the pavement with his baton and whistling alternately.

This was generally said in a soldierly voice and pitch by the night beat soldier whenever he turned a corner, entered a dark alley, saw or imagined a human figure or a suspicious movement in the night.

If an actual person was challenged thus, that person was expected to shout back his identity through the night air and establish that he is a 'fund' not a 'fo' and be willing to answer any further questions to avoid the risk of being shot by the bolt action rifle just for squatting in the field for a shit.

It simms it was customary to do this yelling especially whenever the beat-man passed an officer's quarter to let the sahib know that he was doing his duty properly that night.


Jawan Jagjit Singh. Early hours of a midsummer Saturday of circa 1921. Lahore, India. Sees some blurry movement in the back yard of of Col. Collins.

J.J. Singh: " Hut. Hut. Whosider?! Funderfo!"

There is no response from the speechless pig which starts running towards a bush.
Clack, Cluck, tlick, Boom! goes the bolt action.

J. J. Singh is nervous thinking he might have shot a human. Approaches the bush. At the same time Col. sahib arrives there too with a lantern. They both see the big pig lying and dying near the bush.

The colonel is doubly pleased with the Jawan for having done a good job of his night duty. Being prompt and punctual in work. Providing a ton of pork for that Sunday's dinner to the colonel's household!

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