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broast chicken

\broschikken, bross\
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For Gelf-returnees, it's a familiar sight. A glass-fronted cabinet containing revolving rods on which virulently orange chickens (dead) with their knees up, slathered in oil, are skewered above a leaping flame. You can ask for a half or a full. The chef retrieves one of the corpses and draws and quarters it and stuffs it into a foil bag and proceeds to throw in slices of lime and onion teeming with e-coli, which are miraculously neutralized by the Agent Orange coating the fowl.


Raj: Boss, ondu bross
Shaj: Fullaaraaaf?
Raj: Full kodi, solpa yextra salad aaki. (Give me a full, and lay on some extra salad)
Shaj: (yells in the direction of the chef) Eda, oru full ivade. (You, one full here)
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