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A sub species, closely related to a TV reporter.

They are known to have incredibly annoying high pitched voices in order to shout down the guests on their news panels.

They are Indian version of news reporters who are known to ask incredibly stupid questions and get over awed in the presence of even minor celebrities. In case of encountering a real celebrity they get giddy and lose coordination of their limbs and do the one thing Indians love to, kiss ass.

Even senior news wallas who normally are good at their jobs, get into their original porki repoter mind set and ask incredibly mind numbing questions when encountered with a high profile person who they normally bash on national TV and well kiss some ass.

They also believe that everything is breaking news and their news channel shows these breaking news before other channels. Lately they have their khopris so up their gaand that they have come to believe that all good that happens in the country is because of their channels initiative.


Repoter - There was a fire in this tower and they are bringing out the injured, there we can see one victim being carried out, it simms she has lost her leg! we will try to speak to her...
(To the man carrying her) Sir, stop! I am from Breaking News!!
(To the victim) Madam, you have to speak to me!! Your House appears to have been burned down and your leg seems to have been cut off, so Aapko kaisa lag raha hai? (How do you feel?)

Victim stares at the Repoter.

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