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This is a word we will be hearing a lot in the near future. AADHAR means "support" and/or "foundation" and is the name for the ambitious project to give every Indian a unique 12 digit identifier based on fingerprint and biometric information. This is the kind of enthu cutlet project we love.
While it will be fraught with challenges, in a country where identity is always mediated through group associations (caste, religion etc.), this is the first attempt at viewing Indians as a collection of individuals. All types of Indians - from naughty indian uncles to sandra from bandras to sofa sadhus to tapori types will have an ID card. 2.4 billion eyes will be scanned.


Doctor Ram: Remove your soda buddi glasses I say and let me scan your iris...its for Aadhar. Don't be scared.
Paavam Patu: Will this go into my bio-data?
Doctor Ram: No man useless fellow
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